About Shadows Books

Your work converted into the Amazon Kindle format from only £15.99
Even if you do not have a computer we can still help you achieve your goal!

If your work is paper based such as hand written or already inside a previously written book we can still convert your work into the kindle format.

It can be an overwhelming task for someone who knows little about computers and how they work to grasp all the little things that are needed in order to have their publication uploaded on to the Amazon Kindle network. As with most things when you know how its easy, when you don’t know where to start why struggle and fail?

Would you like to see your Ebook presented in paper book format?
This can be done through shadows books.


Contact Shadows Books either by phone or email.

Whats included.

  • Converting your work into the kindle format.
  • Providing details on how you create your own personal account on kindle. This allows all your royalties/payments to be paid directly into your own personal bank account.

Some of the other services We offer:-

  • Your own personal Amazon account. (or we can offer an alternative link via our site.)
  • Converting your work into digital format, i.e. from print to word documents. (if required.)
  • Shadows Books can help you polish your novel by offering correction and editing.
  • Cover designs and illustrations if required.
  • Resize, retouch/repair illustrations throughout.

All the above services prices on application

We look forward to working with you.