About Kindle

Kindle – the new era for Publishing

Kindle closes the gap between the budding new writer and those famous authors we are all familiar with letting new authors compete with big names such as Dan Brown and Stephen King.

It can be expensive to have your work printed in book form and there's so much work involved after the initial printing such as advertising and distribution, this is one area where publishing to the kindle format will help you.

So what is the Kindle format?

Amazon created the kindle device to allow the public to read a digital form of their book of choice. It allows the device owner to browse Amazons entire catalogue searching for books by tags and keywords. There’s an easy purchase option that allows you to buy the book and download the content directly to your device for reading at a later date.

It is possible to have thousands of books in one easy to carry device.

Do I need a Kindle?

No, not everyone uses the actual kindle device to read their books. Amazon have created tools for all of the main devices such as mobile phones, tablets and will continue to create applications that will virtually let everyone explore the Amazon network to its full potential.